10 Time-Saving Calendar and Scheduling Tips

10 Time-Saving Calendar and Scheduling Tips

Nowhere is the line drawn more clearly between ‘Nonindustrial brains’ and ‘Electronic brains’ than when it comes to the way people prefer to keep and use their calendars. These scheduling tips will really make your calendar talk to you, whether you use a packaged set, print out a computer calendar because you like the paper ‘view’ for straighten out design, or you synchronize your Individual Digital Assistant (PDA) with your laptop and office computer and it never hits paper.

Although everyone’s situation is different we liberation learn a lot from the CEOs who are running multi-national corporations. Forbes magazine ran a one-page article based on interviews with CEOs and CFOs about their time guideline practices.

Not one scheduled more than 75% of their time, and the majority scheduled no more than 65% of their time. So you’re observation at no more than 2/3 to 3/4 of their daily time being scheduled. Here are the earth-shattering reasons that these world class MBAs came up with for these Time Guidelines.

And the Third, he told as an anecdote, “You never walk into a meeting when there are millions of dollars at stake having worked right up until the last minute before the meeting. Because no-one else in the room has.” Take a break before important meetings: you’ll be statesman creative.

If you are returning to work laotian monetary unit beginning of the business day, schedule no appointments before noon. Give yourself some time to unpack and thoroughly review your voice mail and e-mail. If you return to work mid-day schedule nothing until the next morning so you have re-entry time to process state change items from your fall or meetings.

For every day you will go out of the office (or in meetings all darned day again) assail up an auto-response e-mail that includes an alternate breaker point, if appropriate. Even if you’re only going to be out for one day, informing every one when you will actually be available, creates more realistic expectations.

Most Contact Management programs including ACT have the option to assign a range of priority flag to any activity. However, since I don’t schedule anything that isn’t high priority I use the colors for my categories of black-business, blue-personal, red-projects.

Color display PDA’s are highly recommended over the black/gray/white displays. The display area of the PDA is limited so having the color provides you with improved visual function.