Computer, Software Programming

Computer, Software Programming

A powerful command line script processor has been introduced to SQL Delta 3.1. The script processor provides the user with a mechanism for controlling SQL Delta by remote control, allowing databases to be compared and changes scripted without any user intervention. The script language is standard XML and provides a variety of commands for configuring and controlling SQL Delta.

In addition to the stock comparison and script functions the user can exporting reports in various formats including HTML format and then hurt those reports automatically emailed to the appropriate user. Even scripts can be emailed as attachments if a change is detected in the database.

Owner Mapping

SQL Delta 3.1 now provides object ownership expansion and now it is possible to extemporise comparisons between databases with different users and different ownership configurations. The user can map on a user to user basis or a many to one user assumption and there is no limit to the number of users that can be mapped.

Other New Features

Improved tools such as ?star view? checking to ensure all views that may use ?select * ..? are up to date and a qualify hatchet job jack for checking to see if stored procedures include qualified calumny, therefore ensuring the best performance from your server.

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