Some Easy Tips to turn any Tablet Suitable for Senior Adults

Some Easy Tips to turn any Tablet Suitable for Senior Adults

In this world of technology, ‘smart’ has become the new standard. From our phones to TVs, home appliances to automobiles, things are becoming technologically advanced and smart. Today, one may have a hard time finding old model phones or tablets. Members of older generations are often reluctant to buy such smartphones as they find it hard to operate and manage.

Older people are unfamiliar with newfangled smart tablets or have little experience working on them. However, given the significance of such smart gadgets in enhancing the lives of aging people, it’s time they let go of their old devices and embraceĀ simple tablet for seniors.

But let’s admit it, someone who is not familiar with the technologies like smart tablets can easily get overwhelmed while working on them. If you are planning to introduce tablets or smart devices to your aging family member, you must first make it senior-friendly. In this blog, we have run down a few tips to make any smart tablet compatible with older people.

Tip 1: Install an “Easy Mode” Launcher : Every smartphone or tablet comes with an inbuilt stock home screen app. When setting a tablet for older adults, replace the home screen app with Easy Mode launcher. Your smart tablet may have it already, but you can install a third-party app for the purpose. Once you install the app, press the home button, and choose the new launcher. To set it as the default home screen app, press the ‘Always’ option. Easy Mode launcher will de-clutter the home screen and make icons large and simple for any senior to operate.

Tip 2: Change App Icons or Rename: For seniors, branding is meaningless to them. Instead of the name of the app’s company, they should know what the app is. There are quite a few apps that can confuse senior users. For instance, Netflix and Hulu can be renamed as TV or Movies, and PowerPop can be changed to Bubble Game, etc. Doing so will make it easier for your oldies to navigate through the apps and avoid confusion.

Tip 3: Lock the play store: There are chances they might accidentally spend money on play store by purchasing apps. You can either remove the card from the app or restrict the download of the apps by setting a password.

Tip 4: Make the wallpaper simple: It’s common for young users to put distinct or movie-inspired wallpaper on their phones. Most of them prefer 3D or moving wallpaper. When it comes to seniors, they prefer icons that are clear and big enough to spot. Having a simple background helps them see the icons and read the text.

Tip 5: Most tablets are equipped with smart features like gesture tracker. A simple move of fingers can light up the flashlight or turn on the camera. However, use of these features are for us, for seniors with dexterity issues, it can present a problem. It’s best to turn off gestures that may make usage of the tablet complex for them.

With these easy tips, you can turn any tablet suitable for an aging person. However, there is a much simpler route – invest inĀ best tablet for elderly like Birdsong. Such pads are designed keeping in mind the needs of the seniors and thus are perfect for them.